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Top Featured Blog Posts on Personal Finance.

Personal Finance and Wealth Management App | GuardianWealth

Finance can be intimidating when you have no finance background. Keeping up with numbers like interest rates, budgets, and market fluctuations is quite daunting. Before the advent of personal finance apps and wealth management apps like GuardianWealth, there were only two ways for regular folk to competently manage their personal finances.

The Best Budget Planner App To Save More.

A smart budget planner app helps you keep track of your income and expenditure. It provides a bird's – eye view of one's personal expenses against your earnings. This is critical to your ability to increase your savings, pay down your debts and achieve financial independence. There are plenty of budget planner apps on platforms like App Store and Google Play. We will highlight the features of our best budget planner yet the GuardianWealth budget planner app, later in the article.

Financial Literacy Program: How It Works | Why You Need One

Since 2013, financial literacy programs have been on the increase due to an increase in demand. This is because 80% of Americans are in debt, according to recent research by The Pew Charitable Trusts. This means that most Americans are financially “unwell” which has led to both psychological and physiological problems for them.