What is employee financial wellness program?

An employee financial wellness program help your talents make the right short-term and long-term money decisions, which eliminates financial stress and helps them build a solid foundation for every stage in life.

Interactive and high-customizable employee financial wellness program.

Increasingly employees are worried about day-to-day finances, emergencies and short-medium term financial goals. Unfortunately, most financial wellness program focus on retirement and that what makes GuardianWealth different. Your employees can customize their financial wellness plan to fit their current needs.

Why employee financial wellness important?

Increasingly employees are worried about managing their finances, which affects their productivity.

A Comprehensive Employee Financial Wellness Program By GuardianWealth

Award-winning employee financial wellness program by GuardianWealth

A comprehensive financial literacy program would cover topics ranging from banking, budgeting, saving, debt management, insurance, investments, to retirement and so on.


How it works:

Interactive and highly customizable employee financial wellness program that reflects your current financial status, and evolves as your financial status improves and your needs change.

Start with a financial literacy test

We start with a financial literacy test and health checkup to help us understand your current financial situation.

Get your recommendation

We'll deliver personalized recommendations and help you track progress on your financial wellness journey.

Understand your money personality

Your personality can affect your plan's overall success. We'll help you see how.

Stay on track

We'll help you stay on track with financial tools, courses and our latest content.

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Are you financially well? Does your current financial situation give you a sense of joy and satisfaction or leave you stressed, worried, and sad? Most people go the extra mile to ensure their physical, mental, and social well-being but care little about their financial wellness.

Financial Wellness Program for Employees

A financial wellness program is a set of lessons that are designed to educate employees on how to be financially free. The program is in high demand these days because it is directly linked to high employee performance and productivity. The math is simple, the more financially stable your employees are, the highly productive they will become, and business booms.