What is equity, diversity and inclusion?

EDI or DEI are the policies and programs that encourage representation, participation and engagement of diverse groups of people.

Why we choose to use EDI rather than DEI?

We believe that order matters. The choice between EDI ( Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) and DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) is about emphasizing the importance of equity, which tends to get left out. To leverage the full potential of their workforce, organizations must also focus on equity. Even with diverse and inclusive programs and policies, talents from different backgrounds may not be fully-engaged.

Pay equity is important, but not enough.

Understanding the importance of equity starts with recognizing that equality and equity aren’t the same. While equality is about treating everyone the same, equity is more about realizing that because people aren't always on equal footing to start with, equal treatment can, in fact, perpetuate inequality. Especially when some members of an organization’s workforce face barriers to their success and others do not.

How we help organizations build equitable employee finance programs.

Our all-in-personal finance app is built to reduce the barriers that communities of color face in achieving financial security.

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Best Practices For DEI in the Workplace

The new fancy acronym that has taken the job landscape by storm is DEI. Not a day goes by without it being discussed in both electronic and print media, but what is DEI? Why does it matter? And what are some of the ways to better implement it? Also, what are some best tools to assist in facilitating DEI at the workplace? These and more would be discuss in the subsequent paragraphs.