What is a financial wellness program?

A Financial literacy program empowers you with all the necessary financial knowledge and resources to make sound financial decisions, leading to financial wellness.

Become a lifelong learner.

You make financial decisions daily, which impacts your relationships, health, mental wellness and financial security. Make the right money decisions, when you join a financial literacy program that grows with you.

Comprehensive financial literacy and wellness program.

Our financial literacy program is focused on financial wellness. We will cover topics ranging from banking, budgeting, saving, debt management, insurance, investments, career to retirement.


How it works:

Interactive and highly customizable financial literacy program that reflects your current financial status, and evolves as your financial status improves and your needs change.

Start with a financial literacy test

We start with a financial literacy test and health checkup to help us understand your current financial situation.

Get your recommendation

We'll deliver personalized recommendations and help you track progress on your financial wellness journey.

Understand your money personality

Your personality can affect your plan's overall success. We'll help you see how.

Stay on track

We'll help you stay on track with financial tools, courses and our latest content.

Take control of your financial wellbeing.

Financial wellness is about your relationship with money. It's when you're on top of your day-to-day expenses, prepared for financial crises and have a wealth-building or retirement plan.

Tracking your daily expenses
Saving for emergencies and financial goals
Managing your credit score and debt
Having financial freedom to make choices
Long term investing to grow wealth

We go a step further.

Now you have the knowledge, it's time to act. With GuardianWealth all-in-one personal finance app you can now budget, save for financial goals and invest in one place. You can also personalize your path to wealth in simple steps .

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What is Financial Literacy? | 5 Pillars of Financial Literacy.

The definition of financial literacy varies, but all of them have one central theme – financial wellness. Financial wellness is when you have enough money on hand to take care of immediate and future needs without stress. Therefore, financial literacy is having the necessary financial skills and knowledge to help you make sound financial decisions, leading to financial wellness.

Financial Literacy Program: How It Works | Why You Need One

Since 2013, financial literacy programs have been on the increase due to an increase in demand. This is because 80% of Americans are in debt, according to recent research by The Pew Charitable Trusts. This means that most Americans are financially “unwell” which has led to both psychological and physiological problems for them.