Save for financial goals by yourself or with friends and family.

We offer three ways to save for financial goals based on your objectives:


A Group Savings App to Save Money with Friends and Build your Credit Score.

We are digitizing a traditional saving practice, making it easier to save with loved ones.


Start a Saving Circles to boost your credit score.

Do you find it difficult to save? Then a Saving Circle is right for you. With a Saving Circle you are held accountable by the Circle members.


Create a Saving Group to save for common financial goals.

Save with family and friends for common goals like vacations, reunions, joint purchases and so on.


Join GuardianWealth's money saving challenge.

There are many fun money challenges to choose from to help you achieve your savings goals and become better with money.


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How Group Savings App work? | An App To Save Money With Friends & Family.

Saving is the backbone of financial freedom for an individual. Possessing good saving habits will protect you from financial ruin. However, saving with friends or a group of like-minded individuals, who you can trust, will help you achieve your short-term and medium-term financial goals. All you need to do is martial your friends, relations, co-workers, or even book club members, and download the GuardianWealth app. The GuardianWealth group savings app provides an easy way for you to save alongside people you trust.

A Lending Circle: How It Works

A lending circle is formed when a group of friends or family come together to contribute a specific amount of money each month and lend it to one another in turn. Thus, each month sees another member benefit from the monthly money raised by the group. The circle is completed when every member of the group has received their share.

Top Seven Money Saving Challenges: see how you can make saving a lot easier

How can saving challenges help you grow your money, or see financial results from your saving efforts? In this article, we explore the top money saving challenges that have proven to work. You could also explore group savings or saving circle, which helps people save more because they are accountable to a group and are therefore motivated and incentivized to reach their saving goals.

How to Make Yourself Save More – Saving Circle

A saving circle (group savings) could be one of the most creative inventions in the 21st century when it comes to personal finance. At the very least, that’s what we like to think. Anyway, here’s a question. How would you like to get your financial advice from a book that compiles 4000-year old parables and stories of men who went from nothing to being wealthy, while teaching you how to do so?